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How many guests can I accommodate in a marquee?
What type of event are you holding? Work out the number of guests, whether they will be seated or standing. Then you possibly need to add on space for dance floors, stages, reception areas. As a general rule of thumb you need 8sq ft minimum per person for a standing event, 15sq ft per person minimum if they are seated. Our advisors will be able to inform you of the size marquee you need.

How much does a marquee cost and what is included in that cost?
All our marquees can be supplied fully kitted out or as plain as you wish. Please see our price list for further details. Your marquee can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish.

What are the colour schemes for the marquees and can they be changed?
All our marquees are white PVC, decorated inside our optional linings are Ivory. Coloured LED lighting is optional to suit any range of the colour spectrum.

How are the marquees in bad weather?
Unless exceptional, I.E winds over 60mph, you should experience no problems in our marquees.

Are the marquees safe?
Yes, our marquees are fully staked and weighted and completely fire resistant and weatherproof. They are made in accordance with EC safety standards. However to ensure a dry floor in wet conditions we would recommend that you have a hard floor.

Heating in Winter
Our heaters are thermostatically controlled and are usually sited outside the marquee.

Lighting your marquee
Our standard lighting is either Festoon or Globe lighting. Optional RGB Led Lighting, Disco Lighting and outdoor lighting is also available.

Marquee flooring
Our standard flooring is Carpet not ideal on grass when high heels are about. Our hard floor is most popular, high heel friendly and we would cover with a carpet, home from home. 

Power supply
Our marquees do not need any extra power requirements unless you are providing catering or having a band etc. We can normally run our cables 50m to the nearest power supply. Otherwise we would need to supply you with a generator.

Will the marquee damage the grass?
There will be no permanent damage. The grass that is covered may fade in colour slightly but should quickly recover.

What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?
Lined marquees are suited to most events and where an aesthetic finish is required. With an unlined marquee, the framework is visible from the inside.

Is it possible to erect a marquee on sloping ground?
Yes, depending upon the severity of the slope. A site survey will identify any particular site constraints or requirements for marquee erection. This may just involve some simple packing or levelled floor system. For a severe slope a scaffold maybe required. 

Will you come and look at the site for the marquee?
Yes. Prior to erection the site will be surveyed to ensure that all unique site requirements and constraints have been identified & risk assessment carried out.

Can I use a marquee to provide an extension to my house?
Yes. We can attach marquees to houses to continue and expand existing spaces.

How far in advance should I book my marquee?
If you are concerned about availability please give our office a call as soon as possible. Please note marquees tend to be reserved early for the peak Summer period.

You are not listed as a supplier for the venue I am looking into. Are you able to work there?
Yes. We are able to provide marquees for nearly all UK events and venues.

What size of marquee is best for my event?
Each event is unique. Our Hire Managers should be able to recommend for you the perfect marquee size for your event.

When do you normally come and put up the marquee and when will you take it down?
Normally we would erect the marquee the day before your event and take it down the next working day where possible. Flexibility to suit you will be always sought. If your event is a surprise we can arrange setup the same morning.
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